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MBA Writers

MBA Writers:  Students and graduates providing advice, support, stories and guidance to other MBA students and graduates to help make the most of their career.  Why face the same obstacles when you can simply learn from those who have gone before you.

Advice for MBAs from MBAs.

MBA Writers 
is a group of MBA students and graduates from around the globe who share their experiences and successes with the MBA, providing content for ebooks, websites, blogs, magazines, ezines and more.

You can send requests for research, articles, etc to MBA Writers by clicking HERE.


Got an MBA?  We are always looking for stories of success for our books and articles.  If you like to contribute or be a part of our team, contact us by clicking HERE.

MBA Writers is currently creating a series of ebooks to aid the MBA student and graduate in many facets of corporate life.  

Please send us any requests or ideas for new topics.

In our upcoming series of ebooks, we provide insight on many topics that challenge graduates, including:

         Defining Your Value
         Networking
         Career Change
         Goal Setting
         Career Strategy
         Mentoring
         Assessing Employers
         Leadership
         Soft Skills

You can check out our books at


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