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Our coaching services are designed to handle specific issues.  We offer a range of the following services so that you can choose the services that best meets your needs, without having to buy a big package.  These services are available by phone nationwide and in person in Atlanta.

Résumé Critique … 1 hour … $90

Goal Setting Session … 1 hour … $190

Interviewing Skills … 1 hour … $250 

Cover Letter/Thank-You notes … 1 hour … $100 

Job Search Strategies … 2 hours … $325       

Research and Networking Strategies … 1 hour … $200 
Offer Negotiation …1 hour … $185

Resume Development … $200

Personal Assessments … $200

What people say about our technique:

“What I like about the Blitz Approach is that it takes my focus off of competing with others to gain any success and drives my efforts to achieving the goals my team helped me to clearly define. It's make you goal oriented which creates more success than just fighting with others to get a raise.”

--Troy Gallaway, Field Service Engineer, Vesta Technologies

“I use the Blitz technique to share ideas about how to make the most of my career in my company. My team members provide a realistic perspective on what can be done and they help me do it. I like having that kind of support whenever I need it.”

-- Rachel Leblanc, Contract Operations, St. Jude Medical

“I feel that the Blitz Approach gives me more control over my career. I just focus
on completing my goals instead of worrying about whether or not my boss recognizes my accomplishments. My team takes my accomplishments to the right level to get me the exposure I need to advance my career.”

-- Carlos Martinez, Business Development Manager, Pilgrim Services, LLC

“Jumping over the normal hurdles of the office place is much easier using my
team. My biggest problem has always been the office politics. I don't worry about it now. My team keeps me connected with what people are saying. They also fix any problems they hear about. It's like being on autopilot.”

-- David Baker, Process Engineer, ATDF

“Before using this approach, organizational changes were killing me. I kept getting more work and less pay. The Blitz Approach and my Blitz team have helped me position myself to benefit from all of these changes.”

-- Chad Coates, Editor, The Hartsville Messenger

“Now that I've got the hang of it, it's too easy to use. I've never been good at
networking and marketing but I see how powerful they can be. Luckily, my team members are better at it than I am. Now, they are teaching me.”

-- Rudy Quintanilla, Product Manager, SVTC

“I never really wanted to chase the corporate ladder because of all the politics
surrounding it. This technique is brilliant in that it keeps you away from it and if
you get in trouble, your team is there to bail you out.“

-- Dale Jinks, Electrical Engineer, Sonoco Products Company

“Having been in business for over 30 years, I’ve seen a lot of things people have tried
to get a little success. This approach, by far, puts the control of your career squarely in your hands. It’s hard to think things are impossible when you have a team working
on your goals with you.“

--Terry Moore, Project Manager, Alcoa

Bt Consulting is focused on results. We're here to help you overcome obstacles, such as

> You've hit a plateau
> You don't get opportunities
> You have no exposure to managers
> You need to update your skills
> You need a strategy to deal with all the organizational change

We don't just advise you and let you figure out the rest.  We're here to teach you as much as we can.

"I am extremely grateful for your expertise in regard to all aspects of my career path. You not only brought new life into my process, but you also provided a strategic vision that will enable me to become a viable candidate within my industry."
-- B.F., Atlanta, GA


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